I’m Jazzy Danziger. “Real” name Jessica. I wrote a book a few years back. At least ten people read it, which I appreciated. I’m a creative director at Paradowski Creative and an MM&M 2020 Woman to Watch. I sit on the Board of Directors of Take Two Productions, where my love for musical theater and community service converge.

If you'd like to read my résumé, go for it! If you'd like to watch me struggle valiantly to define myself via photographs, videos, and irreverent captions, scroll on. 

Here I am, doing what appears to be a T-Rex impression during a creative review:
These are my great-great grandparents Zelig and Tema Greenblatt. In 1908 they made a very big trip from Vitebsk, Belarus to Brooklyn, New York. Zelig and Tema are proof that Jazzy is not the strangest name in my family line. Favorites include Faivish and Velvel.
Lorne Greene of Bonanza was my great-grandmother Ann's cousin. (I guess Greenblatt didn't sound very Hollywood.) Here he is entertaining my Nana on set. A Jewish cowboy! 
Speaking of performance: I still close my eyes when I make birthday wishes.
This photo was taken at an Orlando Starbucks (the arcade, not the coffee shop). This is very likely the last time I ever wore jeans. The cheesin child with the mullet is my brother, Maxx Danziger, the drummer for Set It Off. A fan in Japan once presented him with an illustration of his cat. No one has ever drawn my cat.
Singing is my first and greatest love, and this little performance of Carousel selections with the Town & Country Symphony Orchestra was a life highlight.
I'll even sing in rollerskates.
Finally, an outfit I still wear:
Did you read this far? How are you feeling? Let’s chat.
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