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Things We've Learned So Far: Building Brand Love
In this talk, Atomicdust Creative Director Mike Spakowski and I explain why even B2B leaders should see "brand love" as an attainable goal – and a necessary one. Learn more or download the slides. 
How to Build a Brand Worth Falling in Love With
In this video, I discuss our close relationships with brands, why brand love matters and how businesses can achieve it. Read the related blog post.
To Lead Your Industry, Look Outside of It
Here’s a question we often hear from clients: “This has always worked for my industry; why mess with the formula?”Any brand that wants to dramatically grow market share or take that coveted number-one spot from a competitor has to reject this thinking. Read more.
Writing is Courageous (But First You Have to Actually Do It)
The act of writing for the public is inherently a confident act. At worst, it could be seen as a narcissistic one. It assumes an audience. It declares a belief in its own worth. By putting a piece of writing into the world, you imply that it—and by extension, your opinion and your voice—deserve to be heard. Read more.
The Art of Giving Feedback
I would rather go through 1,000 rounds of client feedback on the way to groundbreaking work than spend my time on something easy and run-of-the-mill. I think most agency creatives feel the same way. Feedback is a tough topic. It literally means noise ­– unwanted sound. But part of helping clients is hearing from them. And great creative thinkers really do want to help their clients. Read more.
Copywriting and the Love of Learning
In my two years at Atomicdust, I’ve had the opportunity to study the post-WWII evolution of the saw blade sharpening industry, the origin of the plumb bob, the process of producing lump charcoal, and more about the healthcare industry than I care to admit. And I liked it. A lot. Read more.


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