Premium Retail Services

For more than 30 years, Premium Retail Services has helped major manufacturers and retailers connect with customers, build brand awareness and drive sales. But retail is changing quickly, and Premium asked Atomicdust to help them show prospective clients that they’re a force moving the industry forward. The new Premium story leads with consulting and data, a more flexible position that allows them to communicate their value in any setting. We also ensured that Premium's brand would be on par with many of the visionary consumer electronics clients it serves. After all, shouldn’t a company that works with Google, Samsung and Oculus look just as sleek and forward thinking?

New logo, designed by Atomicdust.

Previous logo.

The Atomicdust workshop where the Premium brand strategy was born.

A new template for RFPs, designed to incorporate the prospective client's brand without leaving Premium's identity in the dust.


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