Winner of the 2012 Brittingham Prize in Poetry Selected by Jean Valentine Ronald Wallace, Series Editor

"Sylvia Plath wrote that if the novel is an open hand, relaxed and expansive, then poetry is a closed fist that 'excludes and stuns.' Jazzy Danziger's first book of poems, Darkroom, published earlier this year, proves that the two need not be mutually exclusive. Danziger's work packs a punch, for sure; much of Darkroom concerns the poet's relationship with her mother, who committed suicide when Danziger was fourteen, and they are stunning in their carefully chosen, almost cinematic, details — and in their ferocity. But though the collection focuses tightly on Danziger's obsessions with memory and guilt and the question of whether in retelling a story one is distorting the truth of what happened, it does not exclude. By examining her own experiences so unflinchingly, Danziger sees beyond herself and shows her readers a new view of a familiar world."
The Riverfront Times, September 2012


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