Crazy Bowls & Wraps

The Crazy Bowls & Wraps story began in 1994, when Keith and Gail Kitsis opened a healthy fast-casual restaurant in Creve Coeur, Missouri. In 2016, Crazy Bowls asked Atomicdust to refocus the brand as they prepared to expand to Ohio. Because the company has begun to explore sustainability, clean water and food desert initiatives, we built a brand around the mantra "Go For The Good." The company's mission is to inspire people to live better lives, starting with access to better, healthier meals. The word “crazy” in “Crazy Bowls & Wraps” once referred to the novelty of wraps, which found mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Now that wraps are everywhere, the name’s meaning needed to evolve. To keep “crazy” relevant to the new mission, we tied it to passion: “Everyone’s crazy about something. We’re crazy about the thought that food this good might bring more good into the world.”


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